Unidentified artist, detail, Calle Obrapía 112, early 19th c., fresco or semi-fresco[?]


In this mural painting detail, from Calle Obrapía 112, we see various layers of painted decorative elements that cover about half the height of the wall. On the bottom half, painted Tuscan columns support vases joined by floral wreaths. The layer on which the wreaths are painted appears to break in the middle. Repeating geometric elements form a frieze towards the top of the detail. The uniformity of the elements suggests painters used stencils to make them. The conservator María del Carmen Montes Rodríguez, among others, has noted that the style of this painting – with standardized components like friezes and stenciled patterns – characterizes a later phase of mural painting in Havana (Montes Rodríguez 2001, 102).