Identified in the trial record as: Uno en pasta de mucho lujo que se titula descripción de Historia Natural

Commentary by Pavez Ojeda: “Parra, Antonio 1787. – Descripción de diferentes piezas de historia natural las mas del ramo marítimo, representadas en setenta y cinco láminas. – La Habana: Imprenta de la Capitanía general. García González, who has recently republished a facsimile version of this predecessor book in Cuban scientific history, notes that two editions had been published, with slight variations, in the year 1787[1], and he also mentions a possible French translation.[2] For his part, Jorge Rigol writes that in 1878 there were only 6 known copies of Parra’s work.[3] I tried to clarify doubts about the possibility that Aponte had access to this work by arguing that he knew Antonio Parra personally through completing various carpentry works for Parra for the storage of his collection.” (Pavez Ojeda 2006a, 753)

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The Biodiversity Heritage Library provides access to the 1787 edition.